OpenFracas Help

Game documentation

Jason Merlo

Nathaniel Sherry

This document is derived from the original help document for the game Fracas, and is free for non-commercial use pursuant to the permissions granted by the original author.

That is, this document is "free of charge for personal use. Feel free to explore and update Fracas, but selling this work or any derivative thereof is forbidden."

Any subsequent changes made to this document made for use with OpenFracas are subject to the same terms.

Table of Contents

1. Welcome To OpenFracas
What is OpenFracas?
How Do I Win?
System Requirements
2. Getting Started
Starting a Game
Creating a New Map
Loading a Saved Map
3. How to Play
OpenFracas's User Interface
The Map
The Player Status Panel
The Information Panel
The Map
Unclaimed Countries
Claimed Countries
Capitals (HQs)
Ports and Water
Phases of a Turn
Troop Reinforcement Phase
Action Phase
Troop Movement Phase
Passing and Resigning
Attack and Defense
Defence Total
Attack Total
Combat Resolution