OpenFracas is a free, open-source game that is similar in style, but not in specifics, to Risk. On randomly generated and customizable maps, humans are pitted against other humans and AIs in an attempt to eliminate all other players or teams.

OpenFracas is dedicated to the continuation of the game Fracas. Our goal is to make OpenFracas even more fun to play than the original.

[The original] Fracas is a strategy game of tactical combat and world conquest. In Fracas, up to six human or computer players duke it out over land and water. Players deploy troops and build ports to attack opponents' countries and defend their own. [...]

Everything in Fracas is customizable! The maps in the game are always random, allowing players to continually explore the tactical advantages of new worlds. The parameters that govern the size, shape, and mechanics of the world are tunable by the user. There are also multiple computer 'personalities' to play against. With so many options, it's easy to get addicted!

The code to the game Fracas has recently been released by the creator. This code, however, is in VB 6 - a deprecated language with no easy upgrade path.

This project seeks to re-implement the game using open computer technologies that are not owned or controlled by any one company. OpenFracas itself is released under the GPLv3 License. The aim is to produce a quality Fracas implementation that can run on Windows, Linux and the Mac.

The game is still in development, and the source code is constantly changing. Nevertheless, all-human, all-local play works, and the AI is working - but still in development. We have installation packages for Ubuntu Linux and Windows available for download in the Downloads section.